Lakshmi – Nangoo Coffee


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An incredible coffee that is bound to counteract your Monday blues. You will find pronounced notes of red cherry and lightly toasted wholewheat bread in your cup. A seamless amalgamation of two processes, this coffee is testament to the craftsmanship displayed by the coffee farmer’s in Jakkanahali, Chikamagalur.

Profile : DARK

Recommended Brew Methods 

  Espresso           Moka Pot       Indian Filter  
 Aeropress         Pour Over          Chemex
 Channi       Percolater / Filter    Cold Brew 




Alt - 1350 masl
Varietal - Selection 795
Processing - Washed & Fermented 
Region - Jakkanahalli, Chikamagalur 


Cup Quality Taste Evaluation

Fragrance and Aroma: Fairly fragrant and aromatic, but with traces of woody notes. Caramel, chocolate and citrus
Flavour: Fair, but not very pleasant. Citrus, with chocolate, caramel and light woody/ oldish notes, with a bit of herbal nuances
Aftertaste: Medium finish of fair-in-weight, smooth and rounded mouthfeel, with brightness, flavours, bright-sweetness and a touch of bitterness, with woody nuances.                                                              The finish is with citric acid laced with woody nuances
Acidity: Good
Mouthfeel: Fair-in-weight. Smooth and rounded
Uniform Cups: Slightly Uniform
Balance: Fair+
Clean Cups: Slightly Unclean
Sweetness: Fair
Overall: A cup, which is bright, with lovely flavour nuances