Garo – Nangoo Coffee


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Sourced from the undisturbed mountains of Meghalaya, these beans are replete with sweet nuances of toasted nuts, a whisper of nougat, intertwined with notes of milk chocolate. The flavour profile of the cup incorporates a hint of dark chocolate and herbs, reinforced by an undertone of orange peel.

Profile : MEDIUM

Recommended Brew Methods 

              Moka Pot       Indian Filter
 Aeropress         Pour Over          Chemex
 Channi       Percolater / Filter    Cold Brew 


Alt - 960 masl
Varietal - Selection 9
Processing - Double Washed
Region - Nokrek Range, Meghalaya 
Grower Name - Palani Project 80+

    The Plantation Bulk coffee from Meghalaya is well dried and has a ‘AA’ content of approx.99%. The beans are bold and dense.

    The one defect that is discernible, visually and in the cup, is the presence of unripe/green beans, which is present to the extent of approximately 2%. In the cup, the coffee has secured a decent award as it's complexities are greater than it's defects.
    Fragrance And Aroma: Positive, with pleasant and sweet nuances of toasted nuts, flash of nougat and touch of milk chocolate,
    Flavour: Touch of dark chocolate and herbs, the whisper of orange and orange peel, toasted nuts and caramel.
    Aftertaste: There is a slight ring of astringency, overall well developed
    Acidity: Fairly well structured


    Overall, there is scope for improvement in the quality of this coffee from Meghalaya. It is also interesting to note that there is present a relative purity of the Sln.9 strain in the cup, with an addition of external strains as well.