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Catch me if you can


A cold winter day is when it pains more than

is beautiful; the lawns are neatly manicured,

I am asleep, I dream of you, though

someone else wakes me up, I don’t remember

any sound, the sunlight showers

me with a golden waterfall, but I wake up

silent and offer myself to the world

beside – I visit the ocean, fully, knowing that we’re

both equally far away from you, I let it take me: far

away into its fold: knowing it has not arms – but

only a bed rock where I (could) stand before I

am submerged in a spool of light, the trees thread

better than my grandmother could, it is beauty

that has passed down more generations than I (could)

count, there are less pages in this story

than droplets in the ocean because we could

(be) separate; we (could) stick close so closely

to each other that our form would blink

so fast that even if all the trees in the

world came together – they wouldn’t be able

to catch us – we would be less than light, we would be more

than light, we wouldn’t be light, not at the same time, anyway.