Nangoo – Nangoo Coffee


About Us:

नंगू  adjective

nang · oo | naked, nude, undressed.

We bring traceable, high quality and deliciously roasted specialty coffee to your doorstep, by shortening the supply chain as much as possible. As our name suggests, we insist on transparency and traceability, and believe that you—our coffee-conscious consumers—should get as much knowledge of what you drink as possible.

Our approach is collaborative: we like to pay our farm partners an average of 2.5x above market price for specialized lots of coffee, enabling an equitable supply chain and a healthy farmer/producer. As a happy result, and with the intention to promote consistency and/or experimentation at the farmer and producer point of the supply chain. Which further contributes to the dynamics of flavour in the cup once brewed.

Nangoo Coffee, is an amalgamation of our journey in the coffee world. Now, we share that journey with you, to explore the intricacies of freshly roasted, Indian specialty coffee.


Varun Gupta
Founder & Managing Partner

Varun’s first encounter with coffee at age 11 was a potent combination of espresso and cola. After a 12-hour period of being positively wired his unending journey with coffee was cemented.

While studying the arts at university in the UK, Varun was initiated into the world of specialty coffee and third wave coffee culture. After receiving his SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) barista accreditation, he spent a summer researching specialty coffee consumption culture in Bolivia and working at a solar roasting coffee company in Peru. With experience at the cupping lab at the World Barista Championships and a roastery in Goa, Varun now runs Nangoo Coffee.