Narmada – Nangoo Coffee


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Pulp sun-dried in the Pulneys, this coffee is processed carefully to bring out complex subtleties through a range of notes in every cup. A rich and vibrant coffee with a considered fruitiness comprising of aromatic notes of nougat and citrus, berries, brown sugar and a small hint of wine with a good body and bright mouthfeel. 

Profile : LIGHT (MEDIUM on request)

Recommended Brew Methods 

              Espresso           Moka Pot       
 Aeropress         Pour Over          Chemex
      Percolater / Filter    Cold Brew 



Alt - 1300 masl
Varietal - BBTC
Processing - Pulp Sun-dried / Honey Process 
Region - Pulneys, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Grower Name - Palani Project 80+ 

Fairly dried with a moisture content of 12.0%. The ‘AA’ content is good at 99%. Majority of the beans are oval to long in shape. With regard to the defect count the major defect is that of faded/ pale beans - to an extent of approximately 2%.

Fragrance And Aroma: Fruity, with complex aromatic notes of nougat, citrus, berries, brown sugar, a touch of wine, red apple, toasted nuts, and molasses.
Flavour: Fair excellent, with complex notes of various flavours of orange, lemon, berries, green apple, red apple, caramel, and blue grapes.
Aftertaste: Bright with sweetness. The only negative feature is the suspicion of husk nuances, which reduces its taste profile.

At large the cup is very complex, bright and flavourful with a balanced mouthfeel and good sweetness.