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Aeropress Go by Kieran Lobo

Why Buy the Aeropress Go?

When the original Aeropress was released in 2005, it was a manual-brewing marvel. Made entirely out of polypropylene, it was inexpensive, highly portable and durable, and was incredibly versatile. The Aeropress is so loved that there is are numerous regional and national Aeropress championships across the world, not to mention the famed World Aeropress Championship1, which saw over 3,000 competitors from 60+ countries in 2019.

The new Aeropress Go is quite like the original, but more compact and made for travel. It is made from the same food-safe polypropylene as the original, meaning it should be just as durable. The diameter of the brewer remains unchanged but it is approximately 2.5 cm shorter, which equates to 50-60 ml lesser liquid2. The filter basket adopts a more concentric pattern for the holes due to a changed manufacturing process. 

Moreover, the (even more) travel-friendly nature of the Go means it comes equipped with a mug, a silicon lid, a compact scoop, a foldable stirrer, as well as a carry case for your filters. The entire Aeropress Go kit collapses into the mug, resulting in a single unit for easy transport. 

The Mug

With a 444 ml capacity, the mug may seem too large, but this additional volume is intentional: a mug less full means your coffee doesn’t spill while moving. The ribbed walls not only provide a more secure grip but also acts as an insulation layer, meaning you can hold the mug without scalding your palm. 


We recommend the Aeropress Go offers the same, full-bodied, grit-free immersion brew as the original, but in a more convenient form. The Go gives you a cup of flavourful and delicious coffee in less than five minutes, along with the signature Aeropress versatility: you can either brew coffee the traditional way or invert the Aeropress to limit water loss3. By adjusting your grind size and brew ratio, you can even get an espresso-style cup of coffee. 

There are many ways to brew your Aeropress coffee. We recommend brewing using the inverted method, following a 1:15 coffee to water ratio. 

Grind your coffee to a medium-coarse consistency (a bit finer than sea salt) and rinse your paper filter with water fresh off the boil. Begin brewing at 94°C. For 14g of coffee, steadily pour 210g of water. This should take approximately 60 seconds. Let the coffee steep uncovered in the Aeropress for 30 seconds. At the 1:30 mark, stir for 15 seconds. Cap the Aeropress and at the 2:00 mark, invert over your mug and begin steadily pressing down. Stop when you hear a hissing sound. The press should take 30 seconds. 

To experience the unique tasting notes of coffee with the Aeropress, we recommend pairing your new Aeropress Go with our compact and easy to carry Nangoo Coffee trial pack. Consisting of three 125g packets of our well-loved SHG 1635 from Tamil Nadu, Garo from Meghalaya, and Narmada from the Pulney Hills of Tamil Nadu. These coffees cover the range of roast profiles and are perfect for sampling by yourself or with a group of friends.   


*If you don't have a weighing scale and thermometer, bring water to a boil and allow it to sit for 40-45 seconds to reach the optimal brewing temperature. 

**One Aeropress spoon roughly equates to 14g of coffee.


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